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YEI Engineers has been providing design expertise to Ports and Maritime clients for over 20 years. Services include electrical, indoor/outdoor lighting, site utilities, primary and secondary substations, domestic and fire water distribution, gas, MEP for maritime facilities and Master Utility Planning.
Port of San Francisco
YEI Engineers has a long history with the Port of San Francisco. Examples of projects are:
Pier 45, Fish Processing Facility, Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Improvements
  YEI provided a new sewerage lift station and Boat Hold wastewater pump out systems at Pier 45, San Francisco. Design included power for the lift station pumps and boat hold wastewater pumps, an electrical meter for the system and a manual transfer switch for the lift station.
Pier 35 Cruise Terminal
  YEI provided MEP design to improve existing cruise terminal. Design included interior lighting with décor fixtures. General high-bay and exterior pigeon-proof light fixtures were specified and related lighting controls. Replaced emergency generator and provided new electrical system for portable offices, X-ray machines and security cameras. For the mechanical portion of the project, designed the HVAC system, restroom plumbing design and fire sprinkler design.
Pier 29 Terminal
  YEI assessed the fire damage to the facility's electrical power system and related equipment and provided report with recommendations for replacement. Design was completed to restore electrical service.
Port of Oakland
YEI has been involved with Port of Oakland projects since 1997. Keeping Port's berths fully functional during the upgrade process was part of the challenge in this project which YEI met with creative and successful design solutions. The following is a partial representative listing of projects that have been completed.
Berths 55/56, Construction of Wharf and Container Yard
  YEI was involved in providing electrical, telecommunication, water and infrastructure design for the new 90 acres wharf and container yard. Design included high mast lighting, crane interchange system, wharf utilities, electrical substations for yard and crane power systems.
Wharf Strengthening of Berths 35-37
  YEI was responsible for electrical and mechanical design to replace approximately 1700 linear feet of wharf that included the first row of the piping system. Approximately 20 feet of the decking was replaced that included new wharf utility boxes for water, electrical, telephone and cable reel management and protection system.
Former Union Pacific Roundhouse
  YEI designed utility infrastructure for electrical power, outdoor lighting and firewater distribution system for the 43 acres former UP Roundhouse Site in Oakland. Site was designed for storing and moving shipping containers.
Berth 22 - Wharf Reconstruction
  YEI was responsible for electrical design to upgrade existing wharf to accommodate a 100-foot gage crane at 4160V high voltage system. The electrical design included primary and secondary substations with related site electrical work.
Berth 32 - 33, 20-Acre Expansion Project
  YEI was responsible for the electrical design to replace antiquated 12kV main switchgear with new outdoor metalclad switchgear with micro-processor protection relays and metering. Included was related underground electrical infrastructure consisting of manholes, pullboxes and conduits.
Joint Intermodal Terminal Cross Dock Warehouse
  YEI provided the MEP design to upgrade the warehouse for truck to rail facility that included refrigerated storage area, new offices, HVAC, battery charging, fire alarm, security, to upgrade indoor/outdoor lighting and reefer outlets for container storage.
Port of Redwood City
Redevelopment of Wharves 1, 2 and New Longshoreman Building
  YEI prepared "Bridging Documents" for upgrading water, electrical, and lighting at Wharves 1 and 2. Design included a new Longshoremen building with LEED certification requirements.
Port of Stockton
  YEI was responsible for preparing electrical master utility plan for upgrading 12kV electrical system to meet the short and long term plans. Prepared concept single lines and cost estimate to improve existing 12kV overhead lines and provide 4MW capacity for future "cold ironing" at Berths 13-14.
Port of San Diego
  YEI worked on the mechanical, plumbing and fire protection design for the Refrigerated Container Maintenance and Repair building, wash down facility and gatehouse. for the San Diego Port Unified District Refrigerated Container Terminal Project.
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